Thursday, October 29, 2009

All the Things We Can't Do

Here is a list of things that I wish I could do with the girls on rainy days, or any day really just for variety and to get out of the house:

Go to the mall's play area
Go to the Childrens Museum
Go to a Kindermusic class (or similar.  I'd love to do Gymboree but we've already been to a free trial and we can't afford a membership, plus it really is for just one child per adult)
Go to any store/business I want without worrying whether the double stroller can be accomodated

But alas, none of these can be done with just me.  In the first two examples they would be off in two different directions and even though the mall's play area is very contained, it's also quite large and I would worry that while I was chasing down one of the girls the other would be somewhere at the opposite end and maybe push another child or something and I wouldn't be there to prevent it and/or correct her.

So as far as weekday outings go we're pretty much limited to storytime at the library and trips to Target or the grocery store.  Although we really should have more playdates with the neighborhood kids.

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