Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Just Wanna Grab a Latte...

I wish it wasn't so difficult to just grab a latte whenever the mood strikes. Today we went to storytime, and then to pick up a few groceries. The store and the library are right next to each other so we were able to walk in-between. Going to storytime is hard enough, because (and this is the case whenever we go anywhere that doesn't have shopping cart returns throughout the parking lot) I have to get one of the girls out, go around to the other side, put her on the floor of the car while I get the other one out, and then juggle them both plus my purse plus the keys so I can lock the car, all the while trying not to let either one run out into the parking lot or street or wherever, then carry Olivia while I let Kayley walk (because Olivia HATES to hold my hand)'s such a pain in the butt. Anyway, after storytime we walked to the store and I put them in a shopping cart and we did our shopping. Then I went next door to Starbucks to get a latte. Turns out it's much easier to take them into Starbucks in a shopping cart as opposed to their double stroller. But now I had to push them in the cart all the way back to the car (which was still parked by the library) and turns out shopping carts are really hard to steer with only one hand (the other hand holding said latte). So I ended up pulling the cart by the back end. No big deal. We get to the car, I put the groceries away, but now I had to return the cart back to the store. So I did, and then I had to walk back to the car holding Kayley's hand and carrying Olivia, who demanded to walk as well, so I let her and she of course fought the hand-holding with a vengence. Then I had to try to keep Kayley from running out into the parking lot while I got Olivia into her carseat. Ugh. All in all, it was a great stay-at-home mom kind of day, going to storytime and getting a latte--the kind of day I used to look forward to before I ever had kids. I just never imagined I'd have to try and do these things with TWO (of the same age). Yeah, I wish it was easier (and one day it will be!) but I still feel incredibly blessed to be a SAHM and get to do these things at all.

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