Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a great Christmas we had this year!  It started way back at Thanksgiving when the girls got their gifts from my side of the family since we weren't going to see them for Christmas.  Then a few weeks ago my mom came down and brought them her gifts.  Then a few days before Christmas they got a package from my Dad and stepmom who are snowbirding in Arizona.  On Christmas Eve Paul had to work until 11:00 and when he got home we did our gift exchange with just us and the girls, and then we left to go to his parents'.  Their friend and her daughter came over (as they do every Christmas Eve) and we did a gift exchange with them, and finally, the main event on Christmas Day!  The girls have been opening gifts for a month straight, and they are pros!  Even after they were done opening their own they wanted to help everyone else open theirs!  They were really cute.  I wasn't expecting them to be very good at opening yet but I was surprised.
And I can't believe how much stuff they got!

All 4 of us

Olivia (with someone's card, maybe?)


Whadya get, Janet?

Playing piano with Grandma

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