Monday, April 18, 2011

Good and Bad

I'll start with the bad.  Turns out the Easter season is a really bad time to try and lose weight, at least for me, being a raging chocoholic and all.  I curse the Cadbury Corporation and their insanely delicious and addicting Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs.  Anyway, I started off April very well, losing 2.5 pounds by the 6th.  Then I went out with a girlfriend that evening for a $25, 90-minute facial (!) at the Aveda Institute (beauty school) and we went for drinks/apps first, of course.  Then, like usual, instead of getting right back on track (not that we ate that bad, but still worse than I otherwise would have) the next day it's taking forever (I have yet to get back on track and it's now the 18th!).  And I've gained back those 2.5 pounds plus another pound or so.

Now for the good.  So while my diet sucks lately, I'm totally kickin' butt on the C25K front.  I'd been stuck in week 6 forever, because one day I would maybe be able to do the 25-minute run at the end of week 6 but then I wouldn't run for several more days, making starting week 7 impossible, so I'd backtrack to the beginning of week 6, etc.  This went on for several weeks and then one day a few weeks ago I just decided to keep running no matter what, and I ran for 25 minutes for the first time in several weeks (and I didn't even have my iPod that day!).  So I decided I'd just done week 7 day 1.  Then I didn't run for several more days until one day last week I finally did and I ran for 28 minutes.  So that was week 8 day 1, having skipped the rest of week 7 (I've done the entire program already at the end of last year, except for the very last workout (week 9 day 3) because I was too inconsistent with diet/exercise/making it to the gym during the holiday season and was always having to backtrack to work back up to where I left off.  So I finally just restarted around week 5 at the first of the year but have been stuck in week 6/7 forever).  Then last Friday I was doing week 8 day 2, except I just decided to keep going for another 2 minutes, thus knocking out week 9 day 1!  So if I can keep that up for the next two workouts, I will finally finish the darn thing on Wednesday!  Ugh, I can't wait to finally be an official C25K graduate!  Now, if only I could have that kind of fire/drive/motivation when it comes to diet.  I do feel it coming back (I polished off the rest of the Cadbury Creme Eggs today and I'm NOT going to buy any more!  Even when they're 50 + % off next week) but I need it to last more than 5 or 6 days.  Sigh.

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Sara said...

I love those stupid eggs too. I just can't have them in the house or I eat them. Good job on your running, keep it up! I can so relate to how hard it can be to stay motivated and not slip up. It's so easy to jump off the wagon and so hard to jump back on. Having a race to run in July has been the only thing to keep me motivated latley. :)