Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Weight Loss Post - Week 5

I missed last week's post, but there's nothing to report.  Just like always, whatever few pounds I lost the first half of the month have come right back on, and I'm starting a new month weighing roughly the same as the first of last month.  I'm seriously considering employing a new strategy:  wait until the middle of the month to start working on losing, so that by the first of May I'll actually be down a few.  Of course I'll just gain them back by the middle of May but at least for once I will start off a month weighing less than the month before.

Anyway, on a good note I went retro this week and went to a step aerobics class on Wednesday.  I hadn't done step since the late 90s.  It was awesome.  I sweated like crazy and it was so fun!  I hope to start going most Wednesdays but I still have to run 3 days a week, so if I incorporate a weekly step class that makes 4 total gym visits a week which may be difficult.  Especially since I don't want to run 2 days in a row so I'll most likely have to go one weekend day a week, which cuts into other things like family outings, projects and what-not.  So we'll see.  Maybe I'll just go once every 3-4 weeks or something.

So to recap, I lost somewhere around 3 pounds the first 2 weeks or so of March, gained them back the following week or so, maintained that the remaining of March and am starting out April weighing the same as the start of March.  My goals for April are:
  • Lose 5 pounds (as in, start off May 5 pounds less than right now.  Losing 5 by the 25th and gaining them back in the next 5 days, which I'm totally capable of doing, doesn't count.) 
  • Stay "on the wagon" the whole month (allowing a little indulgence on Easter and maybe if I have a girls' night out or something)
  • Break the monthly lose/gain cycle
  • Complete C25K (I'm stuck in week 6 right now)

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