Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hawaii Trip, Part Two

We had such a great time.  It was SO nice to be somewhere warm!  I loved being able to walk around anytime of day in shorts and a tee shirt or tank top and not be cold.  Coffee on the deck first thing in the morning?  Perfectly warm.  Walk on the beach at sunset?  Perfectly warm!

We mostly spent our days between the beach and the pool.  The girls loved digging in the sand with their pails and shovels, and they loved playing in the ocean in their floaties.  In the pool, they both were able to "swim" by kicking their feet (they wore "water wings"), and Olivia was putting her face in the water for longer and longer periods.  It's weird, because at first Kayley was the braver one, "swimming" by herself without us hanging on to her, but by the end of the trip it was Olivia who was all over the place with her face in the water.

Paul and I were able to do some things on our own while the in-laws watched the girls.  We went on a romantic sunset dinner cruise and ate delicious mahi-mahi, and we went on a snorkel trip.  We saw a pod of about 12 spinner dolphins on the snorkel boat, and some of us including myself got to lay down on the bow of the catamaran and get a real close-up look.  It was so cool.  We snorkeled first at Molokini (a very small island off of Maui that's a very popular snorkel spot) and then at another spot, and at the second spot we saw two sea turtles.

The whole gang also did the infamous Road to Hana and beyond, to the Oheo Gulch Seven Sacred Pools.  We got to take a swim in a cool freshwater pool with a waterfall.  It was great.

And here's a video of Olivia swimming:

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