Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Hawaii Trip, Part One

Our trip got off to a very bad start, but luckily things turned around and we had a wonderful time.  We left Tuesday evening (the 10th) to stay in a hotel near the airport just to make things easier the morning of our flight.  We could leave our car there all week and they would shuttle us to and from the airport and they had a free continental breakfast.  So the girls were all excited about our "slumber party", all of us together in one room for the night.  We got there around 8:00 PM, only for Paul to discover that he had left his wallet at home!  We were able to get checked into the room with my credit card, while he went home to fetch his wallet (about 40-45 minutes one way).  I probably should have been the one to go since he obviously didn't have his license with him but I really didn't want to and he knew right where it was.  When he finally got back to the hotel it was after 9:00 and the girls were asleep.  So much for our fun slumber party.

Meanwhile, I was feeling kind of cramp-y and couldn't figure out why.  My period wasn't due for a few more weeks.  But my cycles are all over the place lately, plus with endo cramps can stike just about whenever.  So we went to bed, but I was starting to feel worse.  The pain was spreading from around my left ovary to the entire right side of my abdomen.  I was still able to sleep for a little bit, but around midnight I was feeling horrible.  I was nauseous and achy and had the chills (or felt really hot).  I thought maybe I had caught whatever the girls had, or it just might be my endometriosis acting up (it's pretty much left me alone since my last surgery in June of "06).  And yes, I realize that nausea, body aches, and chills aren't exactly textbook endo symtoms, but aside from the common cold, none of my illnesses/conditions have ever been textbook.  Anyway, I felt awful and we decided to go to the ER.  It was 1:00 in the morning and we had to drag the girls out of bed, walk down a really long hallway to the elevator to the parking garage, and then to the car where pour Paul had to get them both in their carseats while I sat there moaning in pain.  They were such troopers, too, never fussing or whining even after we got there and had to wait around forever.  But luckily, once I was settled into my room they were able to go to a family lounge area and sleep on a couch there.  I had bloodwork done and a CAT scan and they couldn't find anything, so they chalked it up to a "virus" since we had mentioned that the girls had been sick as well (I'm pretty sure it's endo related, but I'll find out more on the 25th). 

So while all this is going on we're watching the clock wondering if we're going to get out of there in time to make our flight.  Sometime around 5:30 or 6:00 AM Paul went back to the hotel (leaving the girls with me) to pack up our things (that got scattered all over the room in the haste to get me and the girls from bed to the car) so that when I finally did get out we'd be ready to just hop on the shuttle.  He also rescheduled said shuttle from 7:30 to 8:00.  I think I ended up getting out of the ER around 6:30, give or take, and he showed back up about 10 minutes later.  Turns out that once we got back to our room we had about 25 minutes to change clothes (when we left for the ER I had just thrown on the first shirt I grabbed over that tank top I had been sleeping in, was braless and threw on capris over my sleep shorts), brush teeth, and put my hair up in a ponytail and pack up the last of our things.  I did manage to grab a few sips of coffee and then we were on the shuttle and on our way.  We missed the free breakfast (not that it was anything great, but still beats paying $5.00 for a muffin at the airport) and I didn't have time to fill my prescription for pain meds.  But I got by on Ibuprofen.  The flight was rough, because it hurt so bad to reach down to get anything out of my carry-on or whatever, but the girls slept through a good portion of it and were otherwise very good, and I was able to sleep a little too (I must have been very tired because I normally can NOT sleep on a plane).

Then, on top of all that, the airline lost one of our carseats.  So we had to rent one, but they found and returned it to our condo a few days later and reimbursed my father-in-law.  Sigh.

So that was the beginning, but the rest of the trip went much better!

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