Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Children's Museum

I stumbled upon free passes to the KidsQuest Children's Museum through our local library-score!  I've been wanting to take them there forever so I was thrilled to get free passes.  We went today and the girls really enjoyed it.  They only had certain days available, though, all weekdays, so Paul couldn't go with us.  But since it was for 4 people I was able to have a friend who is currently unemployed join us, but she couldn't stay long.

Anyway, the big hits were the scarf shooter, water tables and this machine with gears and levers to manipulate balls through various chutes and holes.  Totally fun.

We made polar bear claws

Playing with a boy at the scarf shooter

Letting the machine blow the ball in the air

Puppet show

Colorful magnetic shapes

Riding Clifford in the mall

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