Saturday, November 12, 2011


We don't do a ton of playdates.  We might do one or two a month with my mom's group, and every once in awhile I might get together with another mom somewhere.  Other than that it's just storytime at the library, sunday school, the park, etc.  But lately we suddenly have a bunch of playdates on the calendar.

Last Tuesday we had one with the mom's group to make Thanksgiving crafts.  I still maintain that glitter glue and 3-year-olds are not a good combination but at least it washes off easily :).  We (I helped) made some cute foam turkeys.  They love doing crafts and I'm sure we'll be doing tons more for Christmas.

How cute are these?
Mommy accidently put the feathers on the wrong side on the one on the left.  My bad.

Stickers and glitter glue = hours of fun

Friday we had a playdate at our house with another set of twins.  Boy/girl twins that are 2 1/2.  I met the mom through another friend.  That was really fun.  The girls rarely have friends over (they end up seeing/playing with neighbor kids outside, mostly) so they really enjoyed it and everyone played really well together.

Next Tuesday we have a playdate with the twin boys across the street at their house, and Friday we have a princess themed playdate with the mom's group.  They've already been talking about that one for a week or so.  They can't wait to be able to wear all they're princess garb (other than just at home).  Fun times.

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