Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resolution Review

It's the first of the month and time to see how I'm doing on my resolutions.

Grocery Spending
I've been trying to cut spending/save on groceries through better meal planning/shopping sales/using more coupons, etc.  The first step was to track all of our grocery spending.  Every time one of us came home from the grocery store I wrote down what we spent.  The grand total for January was $756.34.  That includes things like paper towels and toilet paper, cleaning supplies and toiletries.  My goal for February is to come in under that, which on one hand might be easy because it's a shorter month (a whole two days shorter with it being leap year), but on the other hand we have the girls' birthday party so that will skew things a bit.

Waking/Going to Bed Schedule
I had made good progress on getting the girls on an earlier waking/going to bed schedule.  They were consistently getting up between 7:40 and 8:10, usually right around 8:00, and they were in bed by 9:00, sometimes even a bit earlier.  Then we had our 3 day power outage and the sleep schedule got all messed up.  They spent a few nights sleeping downstairs by the fire and their sleep would get interrupted when Paul got up/left for work.  Then they'd sleep in later, and consequently, go to bed later.  They got back into a routine where they were sleeping until 9:00 or a bit later, and not going to bed before 10:00 (maybe a bit earlier for Olivia an a bit later for Kayley).  So yesterday I got them up at 8:50, with the intention of getting them up at 8:40 today and 8:30 tomorrow, etc., except this morning Olivia got up herself around 7:45, and I forgot to get Kayley up at 8:40 and instead tried waking her at 8:50, but didn't force it, got sidetracked and she finally got up around 9:15 or something.  It's SO hard to get them up because I so want that alone time.  If only I could get up earlier myself, but I'm too tired because I stay up too late because they go to bed so late that I have to to get any decent "me" time.  It's so frustrating.

Weight Loss
Last I knew (a week ago) I was down about 3 pounds since the 2nd, 4.4 since mid-December, BUT, I'm pretty sure I've gained some since.  My birthday was the 24th, and we went out to dinner that night, went to lunch with my mom on Thursday, had a girls' night on Saturday, then on Sunday we had a date night, so there has been lots of eating out and not much exercise.  Sometimes running errands with almost 4-year-old twins just seems too daunting, so on Monday I ended up running errands by myself after Paul got home, when I would normally go to the gym.  Tonight I have a hair appointment when I would normally go to the gym, so I'm trying to motivate myself to at least do my workout DVD, so we'll see.  I just haven't been very motivated about working out the last few weeks but should get back on track with starting a new month and all.

Not a resolution, but I set a goal of reading 15 books this year.  I just finished #3 (although one of those was carried over from December).

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