Sunday, December 2, 2012

Festive Weekend

Yesterday we bought our tree.  We decided to try a different tree farm this year and it was really nice but much bigger and very busy and crowded.  After selecting our tree and chopping it down, we got some hot apple cider and bought 2 cookies for $2.00 each that weren't even that good.  One was peanut butter and it was ok but a bit on the crisp side (I hate crunchy/crisp cookies.  Gotta be soft and chewy).  The other was an iced sugar cookie but it too was crisp and the icing was kind of crunchy.  Total waste of money.  Santa was there also, but since we were going to see him later at the tree lighting ceremony, we chose not to stand in line for him.

Anyway, we got our tree up and the lights on but didn't have time to decorate it before dinner.  Then it was off to the tree lighting/Santa arrival.  The girls got their picture with Santa and we rode a horse-drawn carriage.

After the girls were in bed, Paul and I had a little in-home date night.  We sat by the fire and drank eggnog martinis, the perfect fun, festive cocktail to top off a fun, festive day.

Today we skipped church to work on the tree and outdoor lights and watch the Seahawks.  It was another nail-biter, but this time they won.  The girls were totally into decorating the tree again this year and it was even a tad less nerve-wracking than last year.  They had a blast and were so proud of themselves. 

Also today, I got my weekly grocery shopping out of the way, which I normally do every Monday during preschool, so now I can concentrate on Christmas shopping instead and if things go well I might be very close to, but not completely, done after tomorrow.  December is off to a good start.

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