Friday, January 31, 2014

Blue Friday

Blue Friday is where every Friday during football season Seahawk fans wear Seahawk colors to show their team spirit.  The girls went to a friend's house yesterday to make shirts, necklaces and hair clips to wear to school today for Blue Friday (I returned the shirts I bought them because these were only $5.00 each vs. $18, even though they aren't "official" and don't mention the NFC Championship or the Superbowl, they certainly don't care).

Go Seahawks! 

Today they wore them to school

Some classmates and their teacher.  Olivia is 2nd from right and Kayley is 4th from right.

 and everyone at school dressed in Seahawks stuff got their picture taken.

and this is just a house in the neighborhood

I went to the mall today to return stuff and ran some other errands and SO MANY people were wearing Seahawks stuff.  I love how so many people are in the spirit and showing their team pride!  GO Seahawks!  Woo-hoo!

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