Friday, August 29, 2014

End of Summer Fun

So I've mentioned on here that we haven't hardly done anything fun all summer, other than our usual 3 or so trips to Crescent Bar and a little camping that got cut short due to extremely hot weather and heat related illness (Kayley), but last week Paul took Thursday and Friday off and we finally got out and did some fun things.

On Thursday we took the girls out to lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory and then to the Pacific Science Center.  They had an awesome butterfly exhibit, and we saw a cool 3D IMAX film about lemurs in Madagascar.

The girls ordered these Cotton Candy Limeade drinks.  They ate the cotton candy but didn't like the actual drink.  Total waste of $2.75 (x 2)!

On Friday we rented kayaks and paddled around Lake Washington near the UW.  It was so fun.  Paul and I had done it before when I was pregnant with the girls and I'd been wanting to do it again for a few years now so we did.  The girls love it, too.

Last night they had an outdoor showing of Frozen at a neighborhood park.  We brought chairs and blankets and popcorn and had a great time watching the movie outside on a giant screen.

Today is my last non-work day, (not counting the long weekend, of course) before school starts.  We should be doing something fun but instead the girls are at a friend's (not that that's not fun for them, of course) and I'm catching up on housework.  We still might get out later today, though.  We'll see.

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