Saturday, February 21, 2015

American Girl Dolls

The girls have never been into dolls (other than Barbie and Monster High).  Ever.  One day about 4 years ago I got an American Girl doll catalog in the mail, flipped through it, saw the prices and thought to myself, "good thing they're not into dolls!".

Fast forward a few years, and all of their friends started getting American Girl dolls and suddenly they wanted one too, of course!  So we thought about having them ask Santa for one last Christmas but decided it would be better if we actually took them to the store and let them pick one out, so instead of getting one for Christmas, we held off until their birthday, which is next Saturday.  But since their birthday party is that day, we went to the AG store today.  Paul's mom came with us and we met my dad and stepmom there, so it was a family affair.

Kayley got the Girl of the Year, Grace Thomas.  My dad and stepmom bought her the matching outfit, and some other clothes and accessories.

Olivia got #27 and named her Katie, although she might change her name now.  She got several outfits from the grandparents as well as a matching T-shirt.  They had so much fun, and after all the shopping we went to lunch at Claim Jumper.  Great day!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I always recycle the AG catalog when it comes to our house! Like you, those prices scare me!!! ;)

Still, I can only imagine what fun it must have been for your girls (and you!) to have that experience in the store.

I hope your girls enjoy their dolls for a long time to come! And happy almost-birthday to them! :) :)