Saturday, March 25, 2017


It may seem like I don't blog that often, but I actually blog a few times per week, I just never get around to finishing and publishing my posts.  I always have tons of drafts sitting around, most of which eventually get deleted.  Today I thought I would just combine a bunch of those into one post and call it good.

On our upcoming anniversary

On May 13th, 2006, Paul and I got married.  It was a Saturday (as most wedding days are).  And in the 11 years since, this will be the first time our anniversary will fall on a Saturday.  It has fallen on a Friday a few times but not Saturday until this year.  I've known pretty much the whole time that it wouldn't fall on a Saturday until this year and I have been wanting all this time to go away somewhere overnight for this anniversary.  But now Olivia has a dress rehearsal for her dance recital that day.  We could still go somewhere overnight, leaving right after the rehearsal and coming back Sunday evening, but it also happens to be Mother's Day that Sunday, so I'm reluctant to ask any relatives to watch the girls that weekend because I wouldn't want to interfere with their MD plans.  So again we wait.  I think our 17th will fall on a Saturday again, or maybe we can do something special for our 15th even if it doesn't fall on a weekend.

A Perfect Day

Seattle has a reputation for being rainy but the reality is that it isn't as bad as most people think.  Except for this year.  It's been every bit as bad and maybe worse.  But a week ago Thursday was a beautiful sunny day and people lost their minds.  The streets were filled with kids playing and people out walking.  The girls went to a friend's house for a playdate and Paul and I went for a nice walk, just the two of us.  Then on Sunday is was sunny again.  At one point during the afternoon Paul and the girls rode their bikes to the frozen yogurt shop and I sat outside sipping a glass of wine, painted my nails and read a book.  It was heaven.  And it has rained every day since.

Ha ha.  I had already finished my wine (or almost) when I snapped this picture.

Kool-Aid Hair

The girls had been bugging me about getting their hair dyed.  Just the ends, or streaks.  There is something called dip dying where you just dye the ends of hair and apparently it's a thing to use Kool-Aid.  So, since it's a ton cheaper than going to a salon we decided to give it a try. It's supper easy, you just add 2 packs (except with Olivia I only did 1 because I didn't know you were supposed to use 2 when I was at the store buying it.  I just used less water and it still worked fine) of whatever color Kool-Aid you want to hot water and then put the ends of the hair in however far you want and leave it for 3-5 minutes.

I didn't get a picture of Kayley's but she did a reddish purple (we mixed cherry and fruit punch).  It actually looks really good with her medium brown hair, and you can still see it 3 weeks later, whereas Olivia's had totally faded.

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