Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fall Activities

This fall, Olivia has been participating in soccer (again) and ballet.  Kayley did a volleyball class and Hip Hop.  But volleyball and soccer both had their last game/practice today so I will now have my weekends back to work on my long list of projects!  Yes!  I think they each have one or two more dance classes and then that will be done until January.

Olivia's soccer team did really well this season.  They won every game except one and that was a tie.  (I think.  They may have lost one, not really sure).  Yesterday's game (they played yesterday {Saturday} and today {Sunday}) was tied at zero right up until the last few seconds when Olivia scored the game-winning (and only) goal!  We were so excited and proud!  We also lucked out with absolutely gorgeous fall weather both days.  Yesterday's game was on Mercer Island with awesome views of Seattle and Lake Washington.

Zoomed up (thus grainy) to see Mt. Baker

I never did get any photos of Kayley's volleyball.

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