Thursday, November 8, 2018

Halloween 2018

A little late, but here is my annual Halloween post.  We have a fun Halloween tradition where a bunch of us gather at a friend's house (except Paul and I have to take turns staying home to hand out candy) and have a drink and then walk with the kids while the trick-or-treat around our "loop", then we continue trick-or-treating our way down to the other end of our neighborhood to another friend's house where we commence with our annual Halloween party (which is more of just a gathering of friends, not an actual party.  No decorations or food or anything, just alcohol.  Priorities).  This year, all of the older kids went out by themselves and we just stayed at our friend's house and talked and drank, then when they were ready to head down to our other friend's house I went back to get Paul and Kona and we just walked down by ourselves while the girls and their friends were trick-or-treating their way down.  It was kind of cool.

Olivia was (obviously) Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.  I couldn't find red sparkly shoes that weren't like $35, but I found some gold ones at Target and I was going to spray paint them, but they ended up being too big and by the time we found out it was too late to exchange them.  Kayley was that zombie from the Walking Dead (no, she hasn't seen that show).

The whole gang before trick-or-treating

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