Tuesday, June 4, 2019

A Bunch of Lasts as the Girls Finish Elementary School

I meant to publish this several days ago but just discovered it didn't publish.   We are now down to just 5 more days of school.

The girls have 8 more days of school.  And not just for this school year but 8 days left of elementary school altogether.  It’s the end of another era (the first major end of an era was when they started Kindergarten.  No more little babies/toddlers/preschoolers at home all day with me).  A few weeks ago was the 5th grade concert, their last elementary school concert ever.  A week or so before that was their last art walk, which I missed because of Olivia’s dance recital dress rehearsal, and a month or so ago was their last Bingo night which we also missed because of dance rehearsals.  Their very last elementary school field trip is tomorrow for Kayley's class and Friday for Olivia's.  I am going to chaperone Olivia’s.  I chaperoned quite a few field trips between Kindergarten and 2nd grade, but none since, so I figured it would be cool to chaperone the very last elementary school field trip ever.  And finally, tomorrow will be Olivia's last Girl Scout meeting ever.  Everything we've know for the last 6 years will be done/over/gone.

Olivia (center in olive green shirt) playing ukulele in the 5th grade concert   Kayley didn't want to go :(

This summer will be the first since I started working again 5 years ago that we will not have any type of nanny/childcare.  Paul will have most Mondays off and I will work from home two days per week.  The remaining two days per week the girls will just be home alone but I will go home on my lunch break and check on things.

Next year they will be in Middle School.  School will start much earlier which means I will get to work earlier and get home earlier (or actually start going to a gym a few days per week and then get home about the same time I do now).  I’m not looking forward to the earlier mornings but I am definitely looking forward to the earlier evenings!

So many changes.  Sad and exciting at the same time.

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