Wednesday, September 4, 2019

First Day of School: Part 2

Today was great.  I love taking random (well, the first day of school isn't exactly "random ") school days off so I can have a day to do whatever, uninterrupted.

Today I got up early and got ready way before the girls had to leave so I could maximize my time alone and not have to waste an hour showering and getting ready.  Then, once they had left I enjoyed a relaxing morning drinking coffee, watching a little of the Today Show and folding laundry (can never not have SOME chore sneak in there...).  I also vacuumed because our housekeeper was sick and didn't make it this week.  I wrote my annual First Day of School post and listed a model horse on Ebay.

After all that I went to Target to return a bunch of stuff and ran a few other errands.  When I got home I had lunch and then took Kona for a walk.  By then it was almost time for everyone to get home.  I sat outside for a bit and then made a marinade for the salmon and got that marinating.  Then everyone got home.  I got to ask the girls all about their first day (mostly good).

We had an early dinner because Olivia had soccer at 6:00.  Paul and I both took her and then walked Kona on the nearby trails.  At the end of soccer practice we had a quick parent meeting and then came home and I typed this.

I love days off during the school year, but every time I have one it makes me want more.  I would love to have 2 or 3 in a row sometimes so I can really do a lot of different things.  I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom still but that just doesn't pay the bills.  Sigh.

Soccer field with Mount Si in the background

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