Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Keto Day 1

Every year I make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight.  This year, I'm going to give Keto a try.  I'm not normally one to jump on the latest fad diet bandwagon--I usually prefer to just eat healthy, eat less and exercise, and that has worked for me in the past--but I am just such a huge carb and sugar addict and I need to do something to get that under control.  I will admit right up front though, that I am probably going to half-ass it and not follow it super strictly, but I'm ok with that.  If I only lose 5 or 6 pounds in a month instead of 25 or 30, I don't really care!  I'll take it!  So really, I'm shooting for a low-carb "Keto-ish" plan, and will just try to do the best I can.

So here is what I ate today:

Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs, 3 strips of bacon, coffee with heavy cream (we were out of half and half)

Lunch :  Nothing.  Breakfast was at 11:30ish so didn't need lunch

Snack 1:  1 or 2 ounces (not sure) of cheddar cheese

Snack 2:  about 10 smokehouse almonds

Dinner:  Italian-style meatballs from Costco, riced cauliflower and broccoli

Snack 3:  barely counts--a tiny little bite of Lily's sugar-free chocolate

I'm a little worried, because that all added up to about 20 net grams of carbs, and I didn't even eat lunch!  But it's my first day.  It will take a little while to get in a groove and figure out good menus and what all works.

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