Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Easter 2020

Well, it certainly was an Easter like no other.  It's funny because every year we either go to Paul's parents' house or one of my relatives' homes, and I always think that one of these years it would be nice to just stay home and be have Easter just the 4 of us.  Well, this year I got my wish.  It ended up being a great day, but I miss having other family around.

The day started off with my normal Sunday routine of relaxing on the couch with a cup of coffee and watching Flea Market Flip.  I did some Bible reading, took a shower, then it was time for online church.  The girls even watched with us for a bit but then they got bored and disappeared.  I thought we'd have to fight them to get them to watch at all though so I was ok with that.

After church we had a nice brunch complete with mimosas, then we hid eggs for the girls.  After the egg hunt we went on a beautiful walk (everyone except Olivia) on a trail with a cool bridge that for some weird reason I have never done before in the 12+ years we've lived here.  It was so nice, and the weather today was beautiful which it hardly ever is on Easter.

watching church online

No fancy Easter dresses anymore (Olivia is wearing a "comfy", which is like a big oversized sweatshirt/blanket combo thingie

When we got back from that it was time to start dinner.  Olivia made a green bean casserole, except I couldn't find French fried onions at the store so we improvised with plain bread crumbs on top.  I made scalloped potatoes and ham with a maple brown sugar glaze.  It was delicious.

Cross at my brothers' potato farm.  He is risen!

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