Saturday, April 25, 2020

Quarantine Life

It occurred to me yesterday that I really should be documenting these unprecedented times.  I'm going to want to look back and remember what it was like.  So I'm going to try and blog at least weekly about our life in stay-home mode.

As you may know if you've ever read here before, one of my most frequent complaints is not having enough time to work on my long list of projects.  And my favorite type of weekend is one where we have absolutely no plans.  So honestly, I've kind of been loving not having anywhere to be for the last several weeks.  I definitely am missing things like girl's night, game night, date nights (like we have very many of those anyway) Target runs, etc., but for the most part I'm enjoying finally having time to work on my projects!

Besides projects (which mostly include purging/organizing drawers/cupboards/closets, sorting through pictures and putting in albums, scrapbooking (which is one of my projects I haven't actually done yet), and selling off my model horse collection on Ebay), some things that I've been doing for entertainment during this time include puzzles, exploring neighborhood trails that I haven't yet been on, exploring new (and old) music and making new playlists, reading, and finding new TV shows to binge watch.  Except I hardly ever watch more than two episodes at a time so that's hardly binging, but whatever.


As for the girls, last week was the first week of online school.  Up until then, their teachers would just post assignments on Schoology.  But even now, that's basically all they are doing.  They only have two classes per day, Monday through Wednesday, and they basically just go over what the assignment is and that's it.  No real instruction.  Then every afternoon each class has appointments available for extra help if you need it.  But seriously, two classes a day instead of 6, and only 3 days a week instead of 5.  And very little actual instruction when they do have class.  I don't know.  It was only the first week so it might get better, we'll see.

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