Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Party Prep

The girls' birthday party is this Saturday.  Here's what we're giving them, among other things:

I can't wait to play with it!  It's looks totally fun!  And I will be baking their cake from scratch using this cake pan that a friend lent me:

I think the girls will absolutely love it!  I just hope it turns out ok.  I have to use 4 different colors of frosting:  red for the face, orange for the nose, white eyes and black pupils.  I wanted to bake a practice cake but ran out of time so I'm going to just be winging it.  Plus I have to make some cupcakes as well because I don't think the cake is going to be big enough to serve everyone.  Kayley better take a nap on Friday.  Mommy's going to be busy!

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