Saturday, February 6, 2010


This weekend, like most, I had a whole list of projects I wanted to complete:

  • Install curtain rod for the vallance in the girls' bedroom (the same vallance I've had since before they were born and, two years later, still isn't hung).
  • Put up the new lamps for our bedroom (take cellophane off shades, install lightbulbs, put it all together and place on nightstands).
  • Hang new wall sconce in our bedroom.
  • Put up shelves (ledges) in bathroom.
  • Put up shelf (ledge) in girls' room.
  • Put together the shoe rack I bought a month ago and arrange shoes on it.
  • Wash and put away wine glasses that I bought at Crate and Barrel a month ago.
So far I've managed to do the lamps and wine glasses.  The girls are napping so I can't do the shelf, vallance or the wall sconce (Kayley naps in our room so as not to wake up Olivia) until they get up, and then it'll be too close to when I need to start dinner (and Paul will have to entertain them so he can't do it either).  And tomorrow we have church in the morning and then the Super Bowl party in the afternoon.  One of these days...

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