Monday, April 5, 2010


One of the few things you can truly count on in this world (besides death and taxes) is crappy weather on Easter in Western Washington.  Yep.  Despite having an exceptionally dry and warm winter, Easter weekend, true to form, was cold, windy and rainy, and we even had a little snow Saturday morning right before our neighborhood egg hunt!  Luckily, it stopped and other than it being a little cold, the egg hunt was fun and dry.  The girls picked right up on what to do.  They were so cute gathering eggs and they got quite a few!

Unfortunately, the rest of our Easter weekend didn't quite go as planned.  Paul's mom fell and broke her leg Thursday evening, so she was in the hospital until today.  The Easter dinner/family gathering was canceled and we spent the weekend going back and forth from his parents' house to the hospital.  We made the best of it, though.  We dyed eggs and had an egg hunt for the girls and they wore their dresses even though we didn't go to church and it was just us and Paul's dad and sister.  And in the rush to get down there a day before we had planned, we forgot the camera so we didn't get any pictures of them in their dresses, although I think Paul's sister did.  Anyway, it was definitely and interesting Easter.

Kayley opening her Easter basket

Olivia opening her Easter basket

Getting ready for the egg hunt

Olivia getting lots of eggs

Kayley's done

Examining the loot!

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