Friday, September 10, 2010

Still the Same

I'm exactly the same today as last Friday, which is fine since I didn't really try this week at all (plus I ate lots of salty popcorn last night so I might actually be a tiny bit less).  I went to the gym Tuesday and Wednesday but haven't done much else.  I did forget to mention in last week's update that I had done the 30 Day Shred the previous Friday, so there was actually 3 workouts, not just 2.  Anyway, this week there really is only 2, unless I manage to get a walk or the Shred in today which is unlikely because I have to go to Costco and then I have to pack for Crescent Bar.  But since I probably won't even bother putting the girls down for a nap today I probably can fit it in (a walk), so we'll see.  It takes a really long time to pack everything for me and the girls plus food and what-not when they're not napping, so I'll do my best.  If I'm having a hard time getting everything done there's always the TV (ha ha)...

Anyway, I'm all excited and motivated to make a fresh start and get serious again come Tuesday.  I just have to figure out how to stay that way for longer than a week or two.

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