Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Weight Loss Update

So I finally got my act together this week.  I'm down 1.4 from last week and 2.6 from Monday, but Monday's weigh-in was post splurg-y weekend and pre-menstrual.  Anyway, I'm still only down 2 pounds from my original start weight, not 3 like my ticker says.  Hopefully I can keep things moving in a positive direction for awhile.  This week's workouts (9-10 through 9-17):

Monday - Week 1, Day 1 of C25K
Tuesday - 30DS Level 1
Wednesday - Week 1, Day 2 of C25K plus an extra 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill (would have been 20 but I had to pee!)
Thursday - 30DS Level 2
Today (planned)- Week 1, Day 3 of C25K plus an extra 15-20 minutes of walking on the treadmill

Much improved from the last few weeks.  My goal for this week is to lose 1.2 and complete week 2 of C25K.

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