Thursday, December 2, 2010

C25K Week 9

I kind of took an unintentional break from C25 over Thanksgiving and the week before.  I didn't even exercise at all between the 17th and the 27th.  So starting on the 27th I couldn't just pick up on Week 8 Day 3 (the final 28-minute run before increasing to 30 minutes in week 9) where I left off, because I had to build back up to it.  I think I ran for 10, walked 5 and ran for 10 more, then the next time I ran 1 mile (12+ minutes), walked for 3 or so, and then ran for 8 more or something, then the next time I ran for 20.  So I wasn't expecting to be in week 9 this week because I still hadn't completed Week 8 (I figured I'd have a few more days of 20- to 25-minute runs before doing Week 8 Day 3's 28-minute run), but as I was running last night, just hoping to last at least 20 minutes, I just kept going--for 30 whole minutes!  So Week 9 Day 1 was suddenly complete!  Yay!  I still can't believe I ran for a full 30 minutes!  That's huge for me.

The other thing is I finally decided to remove my stupid ticker that seems to have gotten stuck on 3 lbs (and even then wasn't always accurate).  I have been losing and regaining the same. three. pounds. since August.  It was getting old and that ticker was taunting me, so I decided until I can make the darn thing actually tick, there's no point having it on there.  I'm hopeful that tomorrow's weigh-in will finally change that darn 3 into a 4.

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