Thursday, December 30, 2010


I think I'm the last blogger to post about Christmas, but here goes.  We had 3 full days of Christmas festivities.  That's not typical, but that's just how it worked out this year.  We went to my brother and sister-in-law's on Christmas Eve and had a great time.  The girls got to play with their 2nd cousins, Taylor and Skyler, and they had so much fun.

Kayley, Taylor, Olivia

On Christmas morning the girls got up at 7:00 and came and snuggled in bed with us.  They knew the night before that Santa would be coming but they didn't really remember in the morning until we said something.  We went downstairs and had a nice relaxing morning of opening stockings and sipping coffee by the tree and just hanging out as a family.  Later, Paul's parents and sister came over for more gifts and a turkey dinner.  The girls got SO many nice gifts between the two families!  I still haven't got it all put away and organized.

On Sunday, we went to Paul's parents to have yet another celebration with Paul's cousins (his aunt and uncle were supposed to be there too but couldn't make it).  All in all, it was way too busy for my taste (we agreed when we got married that we would do my side one year and his the next, but since his parents of course still want to see the girls on their off years we compromise by having them come to our house.  The Sunday thing was just an extra thing we got talked into) but we still had fun.

My mom, dad and stepmom went together on this table

New kitchen

Olivia buried in gifts


Olivia's Pillow Pet from Auntie Cheryl

All 4 of us almost looking and close!

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