Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goals for March

Every year I make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, and most years I start off pretty well, but this year I just can't get anything going at all.  So I'm hoping to turn that all around starting tomorrow.  These are my goals for the month of March:
  • lose 5 pounds
  • record everything that I eat every day for the entire month (either here or just on paper)
  • backtrack to week 5 of C25K and do it 3 days a week, consistently
  • be more consistent with healthy eating (which I'm hoping #2 will help me with)
  • blog about my efforts at least once a week, maybe more, for accountability.
As for C25K, I had worked back up to week 7 (running for 25 minutes) after falling off the wagon around the holidays but then I got really inconsistent and for the last few weeks I've just been alternating like 5-10 minutes of running with 5 minutes of walking or so, excpet I did run for 20 minutes once last Monday or Tuesday but then I haven't been to the gym since because of snow.

I really need to get serious because we're down to just 2.5 months until we go to Hawaii!


Sara said...

You can do it. I think 5 lbs is a good goal. Attainable! I'm working on the same type of thing. After two years, I feel a bit guilty blaming the extra weight on my girls. :) I've been running 1.5 miles 4 times a week. It's hard, but it feels so good when your done. I have it bump it up to 2 miles here soon and I'm dragging my feet. I'm headed to Florida in about a month and need to fit into at least one pair of my shorts! I feel your Hawaii pains. :) Good luck!

Dana said...

I use to log my meals (I have an app for my phone) - you put in your current weight, and how much you want to lose and it calculates your daily caloric intake, then you put in what you eat during the day and it deducts the calories and gives you stats on the nutritional make up of what you've eaten. However, if I didn't have it on my phone I think I wouldn't use it nearly as much. I try to log my food before I eat it, and that helps me decide on my portion size and helps me pace myself so that I don't run out of calories mid-day. Hope this helps!