Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dance Class

Olivia loves to dance.  Kayley does too, but not quite as much as Olivia.  So when I found out the community center was offering a short, 4-week (thus not very expensive) Little Princess Ballet class, I thought it would be perfect and the girls would love it.  Today was #3 so next week will be the last class and they will put on a "performace" of Sleeping Beauty.  Olivia cried the first day (because she didn't want me to leave) but she's been fine ever since.  They also do a craft in each class and the teacher reads part of the Sleeping Beauty story.  They made a wand the first day, a crown the next and today they made necklaces.  The girls are really enjoying it.

Day 1

Before Class

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Sara said...

Ahhh, looks like the little ones are having a wonderful time. I'm sure the Sleeping beauty production will be super cute. :)