Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goals for Summer

After the spring we've had (or haven't had--coldest April on record and 3rd coldest May, or something like that) I am soooooooooooooo ready for summer.  Here are some of my plans and goals:
  • Lose at least 7.4 more pounds to get to my wedding weight.
  • Read more.  I'm only on book #3 so far for the whole year.  Pathetic.  Next on my list is The Carrie Diaries, Summer and the City (both prequels to Sex and the City) and The Help.
  • Quiet time/Bible reading.  I've been really slacking in that area ever since the girls were born (was never very consistent in the first place) and it shows in my attitude and lack of patience with the girls (they are at that age where they have to do EVERYTHING by themselves and it takes 4 times as long and creates more mess/work and drives me INSANE).  I know that if I were to spend more time in the Word it will have a positive effect on all aspects of my life and definitely make me a better mother and wife.
  • Increase running distance to 3.1 miles (5k).  Ever since I finished C25K, I've been slacking on my running and now whenever I run I only run a mile to a mile and a half (although the last few times I've ran I either had pain from my recent endo attack or a cold, otherwise I probably could run more).  I need to work back up to 30 minutes and then to 3.1 miles.
We will of course be making a few trips to Crescent Bar this summer and for the first time the girls will be able to swim in the "big" pool, now that they're potty trained.  We're also planning the girls' first camping trip and we're hoping to take them on some easy hikes.

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