Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Our Christmas celebration started on Christmas Eve morning.  We let the girls open a few gifts from us so we'd have less to haul down to the in-laws.  Then after breakfast we headed down and got there around 1:00 PM.  We had lunch and then went for a short walk.  Then we changed clothes/got the girls in their Christmas dresses and went to their church's Christmas Eve service, then home for dinner, presents and dessert with their good friend and her daughter.  We finally got the girls to sleep around 10:00 I think, and they slept until 8:30ish on Christmas morning.

We had brought their stockings with us, since Santa wouldn't have been to our house yet before we left home, so we did stockings and Santa presents first, then had breakfast (eggnog french toast-yum!) and then the marathon present opening began.  Paul's parents (well, mom) really goes overboard with gifts.  The girls were actually tired of opening and losing interest toward the end.  But, they got some really great stuff.

We had a wonderful turkey dinner and then some other friends came over for dessert, then we spent one more night and came home on Monday after stopping briefly at a friend's house, where the girls got to play with their 3 kids and 2 cats.  Since then, it's been non-stop cleaning/organizing/purging.  Paul had yesterday off, too, so he put together their play castle (I helped).  This weekend we will take down the tree and any other decorations that are still out and then we're going to shampoo our carpets (just the downstairs).  They need it SO badly.

The one time of year I dress them alike, although if I can ever find two different Christmas dresses that look good together, I will!

And that wasn't even all of them

Santa gave Olivia a guitar (and a microphone-she loves to play "American Idol")

Kayley wanted a Thomas train...

...and a Cars guitar

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