Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's been snowing tons here the last few days.  It started slow with just a little bit on Sunday, making us decide to skip church and me wishing I could do nothing but snuggle up with a fire and watch movies all day, but of course I couldn't (I did bake chocolate chips cookies, though!).  Yesterday was a work holiday for Paul and we got a little more and took the girls to the park for sledding, but there was barely enough on the ground to sled on.  Then overnight it snowed more.  And more and more.  And kept snowing most of today.  I think we have about 10 inches, give or take.  Paul went in to work late, after shoveling his way out of the garage/driveway, and I took the girls to the park for more sledding.  This time there was plenty of snow on the ground and the sledding was better, but it's not the same without daddy there, too.  We were going to go back after he got home but I sent him to the store for milk and by the time he got back it was starting to get dark so the three of them made a snowman in the back yard instead.

We are supposed to get a bunch more tonight and tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get some actual sledding pictures.  It's fun, but I get really tired of getting two 3-year-olds in and out of all their snow gear (gloves, hats, snow pants, boots, jackets, etc.).  I'm kind of ready for it to go away already.

This was Monday, before we got that much.

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