Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doggie and Gaga

For Easter 2009, when the girls were about 14 months old give or take, they each received a white stuffed poodle in their Easter basket from my mom.  A few days or maybe weeks later, I was thinking how neither of them had a "lovie", so I handed Olivia one of those dogs.  I can't remember if I gave one to Kayley too, or if she was already starting to show affection for the blanket that would become her lovie, but in the end Olivia latched on to the dog and Kayley to the blanket, which had been a shower gift before they were born.

The dog became know as "Doggie" and the blanket became "Gaga".  Kayley couldn't say "blanket" and it sounded more like "gang-ka", which eventually morphed into "gaga" (and yes, there have been plenty of references to Lady Gaga whenever we explain to others that her blanket is known as "Gaga").

Anyway, they have been attached to these items for the last 3 1/2 years, taking them everywhere in the car and carrying them around the house and sleeping with them at night, although in the last few months or so they have been starting to detatch themselves somewhat.  Like, they rarely go with us in the car anymore unless we're going somewhere overnight and they don't seem to care if they go to bed without them anymore. :(

Tomorrow is the first day of preschool and they are supposed to bring a favorite animal or doll for show-and-tell.  Olivia is of course bringing Doggie but since Gaga isn't an animal or doll, Kayley is bringing her favorite stuffed animal, a tiger she named Sebastian.

Olivia getting Doggie, Easter '09

Kayley getting Doggie
The girls with Doggie and cousin Taylor
Olivia and Doggie today
Thumb-sucking, blanket-holding just like Linus

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Jessica Anne said...

Both of my girls are attached to their blankies..... Evy more than Charlotte though. Evy especially likes to suck her thumb and hang on to her blankie. I think its the cutest thing!!

I love how you have pictures with your girls and their little lovies. Its precious.