Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Fun

Yesterday we drove up to Deception Pass to hang out with our neighbors who were camping there this weekend.  The girls had a blast playing on the beach and building driftwood forts with their friend Abby.  And since we were in the area we went and had dinner with my mom.  She no longer drives and can't ever come to us so I'm trying to get up there at least once a month.

Saturday was a nice, lowkey day.  Paul took Olivia to the farmer's market, and then I took Kayley to the outlet mall, the grocery store and the library.  We haven't done as much of that (separating them and doing things one-on-one) as we'd like, but everyone enjoys it.  They are so much better behaved when they're alone versus together.  I absolutely dread taking them to any kind of store or restaurant (other than McDonald's or somewhere with a playground) anymore, even if Paul is with us, because they act like total monsters.  But by themselves, they are perfectly well behaved.  We really got after them today after a particularly nightmareish trip to Fred Meyer (which actually has a play area where you can leave them while you shop, but the attendant was on a lunch break), and they did better when we went to Target after, so maybe they'll shape up if we keep on 'em.  Anyway, in case I haven't mentioned it already, I'm SO looking forward to preschool so I can shop and run errands by myself!

Other activities today included using the water table as a feed trough for their horses.

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