Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Festivites

Our community has a 4th of July Parade and celebration every year with pony rides, bouncy houses, face painting, etc.  The parade isn't much--other than a fire truck or two at the very start, it's nothing but neighborhood kids with decked out bikes/wagons/scooters, so this year we were planning to skip the parade and head straight for the pony rides in hopes of being toward the front of the line.  But, we didn't quite make it there early enough and ended up waiting for an hour.  I guess it was good practice for Disneyland next year.

OMG, I finally got Kayley to smile!  Too bad Olivia's underwear is showing.  Oops.

Enjoying some cotton candy and a snow cone while waiting for a pony ride
Kayley and Daddy

Olivia and the volunteers - I didn't walk with her so I could take pictures

After the pony rides, we did some bouncy houses and later today we are going to make homemade ice cream and probably shoot off some fireworks.  Tomorrow we are going to Crescent Bar where we will have round 2 of parades and fireworks.  Happy 4th!

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