Friday, September 1, 2017

Last Days of Summer Break

I had off the last 3 days of summer break (Friday of last week, and then Monday and Tuesday) and we had such a good time.  I already posted about our Nelson Family Day of Fun.  Then on Saturday, my oldest and dearest friend, Kristen, came down to spend the weekend of her birthday with us.  She actually ended up staying at or friend Jen’s (who she just met on the cruise last month and who actually has a guest room) house, but we still spent a lot of time together.  We went to a wine release party at a local winery on Saturday afternoon with Jen and Laura, then we all (including husbands and children) went to Jen’s for a cruise reunion get-together.

Women who wine

On Sunday Kristen, Jen and I all went out to brunch and then did a little shopping at the outlet mall.  Later, we just hung out in Jen’s backyard while Paul took Olivia (Kayley didn’t want to go) to the back-to-school barbeque.

On Monday, Paul’s mom and I took the girls school shopping and out to lunch, and then I took them to Rattlesnake Lake with some friends (met them there) for the afternoon, and then to soccer practice.

Tuesday morning I was finally able to just work on a few small projects around the house, then we went to the Meet the Teacher event and then Olivia had a hair appointment.  Then, after dinner (which, by the way, we ate together as a family!) I took Kayley last minute shoe shopping and then for the first time in months, made school lunches!

Having those days off really was reminiscent of my stay-at-home mom days.  Sigh.  I was wishing SO much that I could have had Wednesday off too, so I could have some time to do something (scrapbook, organize, whatever) while they were at school, but alas, I only have so much PTO.  Next year I really hope to take the whole week off when school starts.  We'll see.

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