Friday, December 1, 2017

25 Days of Blogging

So, it's December 1st and I've decided once again to try and blog everyday between now and Christmas.  I've tried the last 2 years and failed miserably, and I probably will again but not a big deal, just fun to try.  I'm thinking of trying to make it all Christmas related, but we'll see.

I was just realizing the other day that I never posted about Halloween, or lots of other things since school started, but oh well.  I don't have a whole lot to say about any of it though, and not many pictures because the girls never let me take any.  Just to catch up, here's what's happened in the last few months:
  • the girls got a second ear piercing
  • their soccer team was undefeated until the last game of a double header in which they played a team that was fresh, and then they played in a tournament and went 1-1.  So pretty awesome season for them.
  • they were both doing 4th/5th grade choir, but Kayley quit and Olivia and the rest had their first performance last weekend at our town's annual tree lighting festival.  They were all just on the ground with a bunch of people all around so I couldn't see anything.  I ended up standing on a picnic table but still couldn't see Olivia.  This was my view:
Olivia is in there somewhere
  • We went to my brother's for Thanksgiving and spent the night with my dad and stepmom.  On Friday morning we went to visit my mom (in an Alzheimer's care facility), went out to breakfast with my dad and stepmom and then did a little shopping before heading home.
Last weekend we started decorating for Chirstmas.  The girls started going through all my leftover decorations that I wasn't going to use and decided to decorate their rooms with them.  It was really fun for them, and it looks really cute.

The girls each got a mini white tree from Target

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