Tuesday, December 5, 2017

On the News

We live in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, and we have lots of wildlife (bears, coyotes, bobcats, deer, etc.) that was here before all of our homes took over their habitat.  People are always posting animal sightings on FB, because it’s just cool to see a big ‘ol black bear ambling down the side of the road, and also to warn people that might be about to head out on an evening walk that there is a bear/coyote/bobcat in the area.

Lately there has been a huge increase in coyote sightings in particular.  Last Thursday a friend/neighbor texted a group of us to say that a coyote had been in her driveway while her son (6) was out playing (we both have homes that have the driveway/garage in the back with alley access).  She shooed it away, and a short time later it was back and all the way up to her patio this time (she has a pretty long driveway).  We were all like “Whoa” but then we got on with our evening.

Meanwhile, the next door neighbor girl was over playing with the girls.  Her dad and little sister were outside on their porch hanging Christmas lights.  An hour or so after the first neighbor’s text, another neighbor was texting us all about offering to drive everyone to choir practice the next morning.  Our next door neighbor whose daughter was over at the time and whose husband and 3-year-old daughter where outside hanging Christmas lights is part of the choir group and responded to the text with something like, “by the way, our daughter was just attacked by a coyote…She’s ok, but…”.  So anyway, it made the news, and since they are right next door you could see our house on TV.  Pretty cool, except for the reason it was there in the first place. :(

Link to news story

When they show the front of their house, ours in the one right to the left on the screen.

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