Saturday, November 30, 2019

Soccer, Spa Day and Frozen 2

I'm playing catch up here.  On Saturday the 9th, Olivia had her last soccer game.  Her team finished in first place, with a record of 8-1-1.  After the game they had a party at MOD with the cutest cake.

The next day, Sunday the 10th, my girlfriend treated me to a spa day.  She just wanted to do something special for me since my mom recently passed away and she sold a bunch of Starbucks stock for a huge profit (having bought it way back in the early 90s or whenever).  We both did a full package with a bath (soak in a jetted tub with a bunch of stuff, I don't know what all), hot stone massage, lunch, facial and pedicure.  It was awesome.

lunch at the spa in the "relaxation room"

Last weekend we all went to see Frozen 2 with one of the girls' friends and her mom.  It was good but I liked the first one a lot better.

A pretty tree outside the theater

Olivia has been sick all week.  She stayed home from school on Tuesday and Wednesday, then was a little better on Thanksgiving, but got a little worse again on Friday so today I took her to urgent care. They say it's the flu but not 100% sure because there is no real point to test her because the medicine they give has to be within 72 hours of onset.  But at least they ruled out strep, bronchitis and pneumonia.

On the 2nd was my mom's memorial service.

My niece, who is a high school agriculture/horticulture teacher,
made this beautiful floral arrangement for the service

That was our November in a nutshell.  Now we are all decorated for Christmas (except outside) and ready to start the season!

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