Friday, November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving and Halloween

I ended up hosting Thanksgiving this year for 8 of my extended family (so 12 total with us).  This required some creativity because our table only seats 6, technically, but we were able to squeeze 2 people on either end instead of just one.  It wasn't really even a squeeze.  Then we set up a card table for the other 4.

Niece-in-law Morgan, step-mom BJ, and Niece Amy

Niece Amy, Nephew John and my Dad

I got up at 6 to get the turkey ready and in the oven by 6:30.  It was done by 12, a little earlier than I was planning for (I was shooting for 12:30 because we were planning to eat around 1:00) but last year when Paul's family was here the turkey took FOREVER for some reason.  Like way longer than the 20 minute/pound rule.  Not sure why, maybe it wasn't quite thawed all the way or something.

Anyway, after dinner we all just sat around visiting and watching the game (Dallas/Buffalo), then had dessert and hung out another hour or so.

After we cleaned up Paul, Kayley and I watched the Sound of Music, except I fell asleep for part of it.  I was exhausted!

Today we took down all the fall/Thanksgiving decorations and put up the Christmas stuff.  Most of the neighborhood did that weeks ago but, sorry, I just can't eat my Thanksgiving turkey with Christmas décor all around.  I refuse to decorate for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving!  Our neighbors always put up their Christmas tree the day after HALLOWEEN.  Whatever.

Speaking of Halloween, I never blogged about it. It's getting less and less exciting around her as the girls get older.  Olivia wasn't even going to go trick-or-treating but ended up going to a few houses later once we met up with some friends.  The girls started off here with some friends, handing out candy.  Eventually, Kayley and a few friends did go trick-or-treating around our loop, but Olivia stayed back and continued to hand out candy.  Later, her and I went to our friend's house down the street for our annual Halloween post-trick-or-treat get-together (Paul wasn't feeling great so he didn't go).  Kayley and another friend trick-or-treated their way down and were already there when we got there.  We hung out for a bit but not too late since I had to work the next day.  As for costumes, Olivia was Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.  She bought a Lilo dress from Amazon, but didn't really like how it fit so ended up cutting it off to just a tank top, then she had a stuffed Stitch and a flower in her hair.  Kayley was just some sort of zombie.

Olivia and friends

My mantel with candles lit

Tomorrow we are supposed to go down to Paul's parents house and help them get all of their Christmas decorations down from the attic/overhead storage in the garage (getting too hard for them) and have another turkey dinner, but Olivia is sick so Paul and Kayley might have to go without us.

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