Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmastime is Here

I am so loving the Christmas season already. Last year I kind of missed out. I was entering my third trimester pregnant with the twins and I was huge and miserable with horrible back pain. I could barely move or stand for any length of time so I didn't do any baking at all. Plus, we were staying at a friends house while we waited for our house to be built and he doesn't decorate and all of our stuff was in storage. So no tree, no lights, no baking. Luckily Paul's mom did lots of baking and sent plenty of cookies our way so at least we got our Christmas cookie fix! Anway, I'm really looking forward to making up for it this year. We already have our tree up and the house decorated (except outside) and I've already watched "Christmas Vacation" and "Serendipity" (not technically a Christmas movie but it has Christmas-y scenes). I can't wait to start baking but it's hard to find time during the day now that the twins are eating three meals a day plus several bottles and trying to get a walk in every afternoon. I'll get to it, though. And I'm going all out. I have several new recipes to try. Fun!

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