Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Storm Before the Calm

Every now and then, we have a horrible, fussy, no nap, miserable day. Yesterday was one of them. Just when I thought Olivia was over the fussies because she finally started crawling, she was awful yesterday because she wanted to be standing all the time and she can't pull herself up yet! Then, they didn't take an afternoon nap and by 6:00 Kayley was a beast and Olivia not much better. We put them both to bed, and they crashed but then they were up until almost 10:00. The good news is that whenever they have a day like that, the next day is a dream! Today they went down for their first nap at 10:00, an hour earlier than normal. It's now 12:40 and they are STILL sleeping! That is unheard of. And look, I have time to blog! Anyway, they probably won't take an afternoon nap since they're sleeping so long, but I think that will be ok. They will probably just go to bed around 7:00 instead of 8:00ish. We won't be here anyway because Paul's parents are coming to watch them while we go do some Christmas shopping and go out to dinner. It'll be so nice to get out for awhile together!

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