Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, we made it through the storm without having to pack up and go anywhere. We never did lose power but we sure did have stong winds and lots of snow. Paul was supposed to go to work Sunday morning (for storm related overtime) but couldn't make it out of our alley because the snow was too deep. The main road in front of our house is ok but he couldn't get to it. So Sunday evening he parked his car on the main road instead of the garage so he would be able to get to work this morning. I've never seen snow this deep, except at a ski resort. I have to say I love it, but that's because I don't have to commute in it! I am starting to get a little cabin fever, however. We all went for a walk on Sunday but today I only left the house to get the mail. And I haven't driven anywhere since Friday. I always have so much to do around the house, though, that it doesn't seem to bother me as much as some people. I'm also very excited to actaully have an official white Christmas! I don't know if I ever have in my entire life. I know it has snowed on Christmas Day before but it never sticks. So cool that the babies' first Christmas will be a white one!

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