Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Snow

Things are getting interesting around here. We are supposed to get some pretty high winds tonight and there is a possibility of prolonged power outages in our area. Paul was worried about me and the girls being couped up here by ourselves with no power (he'd be working most of the time) so he thought we should pack up and head to my mom's just in case. Traveling anywhere with 10-month-old (almost) twins is NOT easy. At the very least we need both pack and plays, food, feeding supplies (spoons, bibs, bowls, etc.), clothes, diapers, wipes, toiletries, bottles, a bottle brush, burp cloths, changing pad, toys and the stroller. I spent the morning packing but then we decided that since the roads up there are so bad and it's kind of far (1.5 hours normally, probably a lot longer in these conditions) maybe we could stay at a friend's instead. So now we're just kind of waiting it out and we'll see what happens.

On the bright side, it's beautiful around here and we had fun the other day taking the girls for a walk and letting them play in the snow. We still want to go for a walk in the evening some time and see all the neighborhood Christmas lights. I really hope we don't have to take off and stay somewhere else between now and Christmas.

Our little snowbunnies

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