Thursday, May 21, 2009

My 4-Week Plan

I weighed today and was surprised to see that I was 2 pounds less than I thought I would be! I'm 3 pounds over my lowest post-baby weight. I was thinking I'd be 5 and was hoping to lose it in the next 4 weeks, right before we go to Crescent Bar. But now if I lose 5 I'll be 2 pounds under my lowest post-baby weight and only 3 pounds over my wedding weight. Cool. So here are my goals for the next 4 weeks:

  • Eat no more than 1500 calories a day with the exception of ONE cheat meal per week.
  • Do a minimum of five 30-minute cardio sessions per week.
  • Do a minimum of 40 minutes of strength per week (2-3 days a week)

I'm hoping this blog will keep me motivated and accountable. As for today, I took a long walk with the girls (in their stroller) to the store and back, about 50 or 55 minutes total, and I've done about 10 minutes of strength. I had Special K cereal for breakfast, 100 calories of chocolate and some fruit for a snack, and a turkey sandwich with reduced-fat chips for lunch. Dinner will be a salmon burger on a whole wheat bun, black beans, grilled veggies and fruit.

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