Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad Habit

I've gotten in this bad habit where I let the girls watch 30 or so minutes of TV first thing every morning so I can get on the computer because, well, I'm a total FB/Farmville/blog (reading others') addict.  But then if they watch a little more after lunch (they usually watch the Elmo's World part of Sesame Street about then) and then again after dinner (while we clean up, etc.) it's getting to be too much.  So yesterday I started a no-morning-TV kick (I can still watch the Today Show but I'm playing with them while I watch, or at least in the same room).  But today Kayley was so whiny (just in general, not whining to watch TV) that I broke down and let them watch Dora (On Demand) so I could still do my computer stuff.  I guess I was hoping I could still get on the computer some days (I didn't yesterday.  I just played with them) without having them watch TV and they'd just play and leave me be, but this morning it didn't work out that way.  We'll try again tomorrow.  For some reason Kayley has been really whiny the last two mornings.  It might be that Olivia wakes up first, waking her up before she's ready?  But that's been the case for awhile without it making her excessively whiny.  Maybe because daddy has gone back to work after 3 weeks off?  I don't know, but I hope it stops soon.  In any case, I'm still going to try and cut their morning TV.  I'm getting tired of Farmville anyway and I really miss just watching the Today Show with a cup of coffee, so that's how I'm going to spend my mornings for awhile.

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Christina said...

Ive been feeling crappy about the tv time around here too. It used to be not such a big deal, but when your sick then we get hit with a heat wave, temps over 100 every, single, day...its hard to not lounge and watch tv!! Once the weather is nice again, we won't have to worry about it. I hope.