Monday, November 8, 2010

C25K Week 7

I finally lost another pound the week before Halloween.  Since then, however, I'm quite certain that I've gained it back and then some, what with all the Halloween candy and cookies, etc.  Today I am making a fresh start (how many times have I said that in the last few months?  Sigh.).  When I started blogging about my weight loss efforts back in August, I thought that doing so would hold me accountable and help me be more successful.  That SO hasn't been the case!  Oh well.

As for C25K, I'm still trying to finish week 7 (I should be starting week 9 today if I would have stayed on schedule).  I was so proud of myself for managing 3 25-minute runs in a row (week 6 day 3 and week 7 days 1 and 2) but when I got to week 7 day 3 I just couldn't run the whole 25 minutes.  I ran 15, walked 5, ran 5, walked 5 and ran 5.  Then I tried again a few days later and did the same thing.  So I'm still trying to finish week 7 with a full 25-minute run before I move on to week 8 (28-minute runs).  It's weird because I am able to run for 25 minutes-I've proved that 3 times now-but sometimes I feel like I can barely do 10.  I think it's been harder lately just because I just feel so fat and sluggish with the poor eating and presumed weight gain of the last few weeks.  I just know that if I could lose 5 pounds the running would be so much easier, and 10 would make a huge difference, especially since in the time it wound take to lose 10 I'd have been increasing my endurance.  That makes me sound like I'm more overweight than I am.  I mean, I'm right on the border of normal/overweight as far as BMI, so it's not like I'm that fat, but I really feel like it is still a huge hinderance when it comes to running.

Anyway, I hope to turn things around this week.  I will take another crack at week 7 day 3 tonight and see how it goes.

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