Friday, November 19, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Bonus Rooms

So ours isn't really a bonus room, it's just a family room, basically.  The builder called it a loft, because it's on the second floor, but it's basically the equivelant of a family room off the kitchen or whatever.  We use it as a TV room and a playroom for the kids.  And like most other rooms in the house, we have yet to do much with it.  I had envisioned painting a red accent wall, but the couch is a dark burgandy (looks brown unless you look really close, or if the light is just so) and the chair is a steel blue (all left over from Paul's single days).  So eventually we will paint some color, just not sure what yet.  And don't you love the baby gate in front of the TV/DVD player/cable box, etc.?  There are a bunch of DVDs down there, too, and the girls will just NOT leave that stuff alone so we had to barricade it.

Can't wait to get rid of that gate!

Like many other rooms, I plan to paint and hang curtains...someday.  Also would love a ladder-type bookcase on the other side of the couch.

Looking out towards the stairs.  The toy kitchen is being replaced by Santa (and will be moved to their room), and I'd like to get a small (short) bookcase for that spot for games and puzzles, etc.

Pictures!  I really do have some up!

So, that's our "loft", or TV/playroom.  Oh, and here's what it normally looks like.  Sigh...

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